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What is No Schlep?

  1. No Schlep provides the public with an easy, time-saving way of obtaining solutions to everyday services needed without having to search for it.
  2. At the same time, it provides small businesses (that often cannot afford advertising) with a cost effective source of customers.
  3. The feature that distinguishes it from all other business directories and related systems, is its automated communicator, that instantly notifies service providers of every new business opportunity as it is logged and also notifies the requestor of every response. These actions are performed totally independent of any human interactions.

How it works

  1. Users register with a valid e-mail address and provide a town/suburb.
  2. Anyone with a need for a service captures a short description and selects the category it falls into.
  3. Service providers, in that category and area, each receive a notification with a link back to that “opportunity”. They can respond (tender their services) immediately.
  4. The customer reviews all responses and selects one.
  5. The system automatically sends the customer and service provider e-mails exchanging contact details. At the same time, it sends “thank you” e-mails to the respondents who were not selected.
    No hassle – no fuss – No Schlep!!!
  6. Finally, on completion of the service rendered, the service provider and customer can independently rate one another. These ratings and accumulated statistics feature in both parties' profiles for future reference.

Why register?

  1. As mentioned above, the main feature of our system is its capability to notify service providers in the customer’s area only. To enable this functionality, both customers and service providers need to select the town/suburb in which they are based.
  2. The system allows for customers to rate service providers and for service providers to rate customers and without being registered, this won’t be possible.

What does it cost?

  1. No Schlep offers its service free of charge to customers and service providers.
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