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The Best Online Business Directory

That’s a bold statement and one we don’t make lightly.

Why do we say that?

Go to Google and search “online business directories”. Go ahead - we’ll wait.

What comes up? Several pages of online directories that are poorly structured, has outdated information and, worst of all, has a hopelessly inefficient search facility that either brings up a long list of businesses not in your area or returns hardly any options at all. Frustrating, right?

If you do stumble upon a good one that throws out some decent options in your area, the onus is on to you to call or email a long list of businesses. Time-consuming, isn’t it?

The internet is littered with them.

Don’t you wish there was an easier way?

Well, there is.

Taking the “schlep” out of finding a service

That’s what we do. So that you can find the help you need quickly and easily and get back to dealing with the more important things in your life.

It’s a digital world and we know that many people are going online to find what they need. Most small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent service providers may not have the budget for expensive advertising, and most customers want a way to find a good service provider easily.

So we created an online business directory that makes it ridiculously easy for customers to connect with service providers. It’s one-of-kind platform. We challenge you to find a similar one.

How does it work?

Once registered on the site, you request a service. This means simply typing a short description of what you need and we take it from there. We’ll find all relevant service providers in your area and notify them of your interest. They respond directly to you with information and pricing, and you choose the best one. And it all takes place right here within our platform.

No unnecessary costly telephone calls.

No tedious searches through classified ads, traditional business directories or the internet.

Because finding a service should not be a schlep!


If you’re struggling to find the service you need, end the search.

Sign up here. It’s free!


If you’re a business owner or service provider, find out how being listed on No Schlep will attract customers to your business. Find out more.