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  1. What is No Schlep?
    No Schlep is an online business directory that links customers with service providers in a quick, easy and convenient way. We take the “schlep” out of finding a service.
  2. How does it work?
    • Businesses and customers register as a user on the site.
    • Customers log a need for a service in a particular category.
    • An e-mail is automatically sent to all relevant service providers in the customer’s area notifying them that a customer is interested.
    • A link in that e-mail directs the service provider to that opportunity and they can immediately respond with information and a quote.
    • Once a customer chooses a service provider, both parties are sent the other’s contact details and they take it from there.
    • We then close off the query by informing the other service providers who responded that they were not successful in that instance.
    • Finally, the system allows for customers to rate service providers and for service providers to rate customers.
  3. What does it cost?
    No Schlep offers its service free of charge to customers and service providers.
  4. What makes No Schlep the best online business directory service?
    No Schlep is the first truly interactive and automated online directory service that offers solutions to customers’ needs without the need to “search” for it. Our goal is to take the hassle out of finding a service.

    Most other online business directories return a long list of potential businesses and it is up to you to contact all of them. It’s tedious and time-consuming.

    With No Schlep our automated system finds all relevant service providers in your area and notifies them of your interest in a service. They respond directly to you and you choose the best one. And it all takes place via our platform. No searching. No unnecessary telephone calls or emails. No time wasted. We do the work for you.

    It’s a one-of-a-kind platform. It’s safe to say we’re revolutionising the way an online business directory works.
  5. Which regions do you cover?
    Currently No Schlep only covers Gauteng, including Pretoria. For those in other regions, keep checking back periodically as we will be rolling out the service to other regions in South Africa soon.
  6. How do I know the service providers listed are reputable and offer good service?
    We protect the integrity and standard of our service with a rating system in which customers can rate service providers and service providers can rate customers. This will reduce the level of bad customers and poor quality service providers.
  7. What recourse do I have should I have bad experience with a service provider?
    While we take every measure to ensure a positive experience for both customers and service providers, once the initial contact and facilitation via our platform ends, the two parties take it upon themselves to take the process and any transactions further.

    No Schlep is not liable for any disputes, loss, damage, negligence, and/or misrepresentations that may arise between service providers and customers. Read our Terms & Conditions.
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